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Up until Spring 2019 I was a Canon user, but I now use mainly Sony. My two main cameras are both Sony A7III, and my lenses are a Sony G-Master 20-70mm, Sony G-Master 70-200mm, Samyang 85mm F1.4 prime, and a Canon 16-35mm F2.8 used with a Sigma MC-11 mount adapter. These seem to cover most eventualities but it’s not unknown for me to sometimes hire a specific lens if a particular job calls for doing so, especially for events.

For lighting, I use Elinchrom portable studio strobes together with Elinchrom and Pixapro modifiers. I also use 2 x Pixapro Li-ion 580IIS speedlites, with a Pixapro ST-IV transmitter for speedlite OCF.

I edit afterwards mainly in Adobe Lightroom, sometimes in Photoshop too, and sometimes use retouching software from Anthropics, Skylum and On1.

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